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American Art Publishing - Museum Quality Fine Art Giclee Reproductions

Our Mission: To connect art collectors and art enthusiasts to our artist friends. We have a long history of producing high quality fine art reproductions for many well known art companies and artists. This gallery is for the individual artist to have a venue to promote and sell their work.

Our History: Since 1971 American Litho Color, Inc. has produced fine art reproductions for discriminating artists, printers, and art publishers. In those days we provided color separation negatives that were used to make printing plates that produced lithographs. We became known for our quality and expert color matching. As time brought technological changes we embraced the new and refined our processes.

Today art reproduction is totally digital. We scan original art work on a 90" x 60" Cruse Digital Scanner to digitize paintings. ( The Cruse Scanner produces an image the exact same size as the original which captures much more detail that any digital camera. The Cruse Scanner also has multiple lighting sources to choose from including 3-D texture mode to best fit each type of original artwork. Each scan is color corrected to match the original art and printed with the giclée process.

Giclée is simply a digital image printed on a large-format inkjet printer. However, not every inkjet print is a giclée. To be called giclée, all materials used must be of high quality, archival and conform to rigid color reproduction standards. We use Epson printers with the archival rated eco-friendly water-based Ultrachrome inks. The Epson printers have a much wider color gamut as well as a finer and smoother spray of ink than other printers. All of our printers are driven by a color managed Raster Image Processing System that maps the inks and print media across each printer and each different printing stock or media.

Our choice of print media has been selected by many years of experience and tests on dozens of brands of canvas and fine art papers. We have chosen only highest rated and best performing canvas and fine art paper that is available. Each canvas giclée is given an added giclée veneer or varnish much as an original oil painting. This seals the canvas and adds a protective barrier for the giclée.

Our Goal: All of this means is you are getting a long lasting fine art reproduction that true to the original in every way, made with top quality products, that will provide years of viewing enjoyment.

Top quality art direct from the artist to you!