Pam Clifton


I Am just an average person who has been altered by the LOVE of God.

I spent most of my adult life, living a worldly life to the point of becoming a very hardened alcoholic, leaving a wake of destruction in my path. In Jan 2003 I grabbed a hold of sobriety, and came running back to God. Trying to get to know a God I didn’t understand, he has led me on many paths during the last 17 yrs and it hasn’t always been pretty, because I didn't listen well!  Many times, I took the long, wrong road. The Love of Jesus however finally won as I put away childish things and sought to truly know Him. This journey would have been enough – but Jesus said – “I have something even better for you….”

I have always been creative, using my hands to “make” things, learning many different activities, but always self-taught. Commercial Art was never really on my radar, something I thought I wasn’t good enough for. 

After a life altering encounter with Jesus, alone at the altar, everything changed. I began to experience Jesus, Father God and the Holy Spirit in a way I had never before. I learned what “Worship” really is. What “worship” truly looked like, felt like and the effect it had on my relationship with Jesus. That, in turn, had a life altering effect on me. All the paintings I now create are a result of this worship. A worship in Spirit and Truth! (John 4:24)

My journey with painting hasn’t been a long one.  After the encounter with Jesus at the altar, about a month later, I found a paint brush in my hand. Immediately, I was compelled to paint. It was a driving force I was under, an “unction” to do more and more…and I haven’t been able to stop.

So, I would call myself…. “Holy Spirit” taught, as it is God’s gift that was deposited on me, His Gift that flows thru me, and have now discovered He has given me a gift that is a true desire of my heart! (Psalms 37:4)

Being a part of a “prophetic” church house family, has escalated the process of both worship & prophetic discovery. Even when I am looking at random things or pictures in the natural world, God is always talking to me thru them, revealing His Word, His true nature, His Love for me & others. He reveals to me the Spiritual realm thru the natural world (1st Corinthians 15:46).

I Love My Jesus! I Love to meet him face to face as He teaches me & shows me His heart for the Sons & Daughters of God. It is my heart to release His heart through my paintings.

It is my Worship to Him.