Cindy Armour


Cindy Armour

Storytleller Fine Art Artist

My art work is storytelling. A painting may be at the beginning of a story, at the end, or just somewhere along the way. I use music or Bible verses as my source of inspiration. I paint primarily in strong reflected light. Thus, my colors tend to be very strong; however, my skies and water are delicate & translucent. I have a great love for colors--all colors--and find large bodies of water and wide open skies mesmerizing.

My style is a combination of many things, but mostly I lean towards minimalism and idealism, mixed with realism. I am, however, greatly influenced by the delicate and thoughtful arrangements found in Japanese art, and much of my work reflect this thoughtfulness. Though I have had some formal art education, I am mostly self taught. And my work can be found in many private collections.