Lynne Bernbaum

lynnephoto200.jpgFine Art by Lynne Bernbaum

Caribbean Artist

When I paint I am intrigued by the erection of hidden mechanisms that highlight unsuspected qualities in mundane or even quirky subjects. Therefore, my work is a conscious effort to provoke a contemplative response in the audience, which in the best of cases leads to the instant of lucidity and a simple smile.

I have lived in the Caribbean since 1995. Here beauty is found everywhere: in the sea, the boats, the local houses. That's why I prefer to look beyond the obvious, to dig and expose the unobvious, giving it a fresh twist or perspective (literally and figuratively).¨

An idea, subject, theme may occur to me in an instant, although the R & D will take much longer. I research the word, the history; I analyze the shapes, feel the color, contemplate the composition; I study the concept, the palette, the technique; I select the materials and use them unorthodoxly, whether it be watercolor, which I may make thick and rich, or oil, which I apply in thick or thin layers on a vivid acrylic underpainting. This way I honor the subject and allow it to dictate the essence of the paintings.¨

Currently, I was given the opportunity to hang my art at the newly opened Greg Norman Golf Clubhouse on Anguilla. Struck by the beauty of this course setting and landscape along with fond memories of growing up with my father as an avid golfer, I immediately decided to paint a series about golf. Upon my usual research and development, I was astounded by the amount of information, details, rules, and emotions that I discovered.
All the better for endless material to draw from for my paintings...a gold mine of ideas!